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Ed Miliband on the strikes:

These strikes are wrong at a time when negotiations are going on. People have been let down by both sides – the Govt has acted recklessly.

Ralph Miliband on Labour parliamentarians, in Parliamentary Socialism:

The kind of sweeping changes at the top which a good many socialists hope to see one day brought about in the Labour Party, and which would signify a major ideological shift to the left, would presumably, given the nature of the political system, have to be engineered from within the ranks of the Parliamentary Labour Party. But to say this is surely also to indicate how unrealistic that hope is. It is unrealistic because it ignores the perennial weakness of the parliamentary left. That weakness is not accidental but structural, which is why the indignation so often manifested by left activists at the derelictions of Labour Left M.P.’s is futile. The derelictions are real enough, but they are built into the system of which these M.P.’s are a part. Left parliamentarians operate within the rules of a game designed to limit their capacity and indeed their willingness to challenge their leaders. They are required to behave ‘loyally’ and to accept compromise in order to help maintain the ‘unity’ of the party. They must not give aid and comfort to the other side, most of all when Labour is in government, but also when it is in opposition.


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